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DNA beats God hollow: genetics vs. religion

Posted by robertpriddy on September 6, 2012

While religious preaching and prayer flows away constantly under the bridge without any noticeable results and not the slightest advance in knowledge of the world, reality or ourselves, geneticists are unlocking the secrets that regulate every aspect of the human being’s life and health. The ultimate elements which construct all life are becoming known on a scale totally unimaginable only 50 years ago. Five thousand years of religious belief of every persuasion have not contributed a single detail to this huge enterprise! The extent of its detail is ungraspable to laymen, though anyone who spends a little time reading up on it can see the tremendous advantages it is going to have (apart from those few – by comparison – already gained). Just now (September 2012) the ‘translation’ of huge portions of the DNA code – once thought to be useless junk – has been announced. This was the result of a lot of hard work:-

“The Encode consortium’s 442 researchers, situated in 32 institutes around the world, used 300 years of computer time and five years in the lab to get their results. They examined a total of 147 types of tissue – including cancer cells, liver extracts, endothelial cells from umbilical cords, and stem cells derived from embryos – and subjected them to around a hundred different experiments, recording which parts of the DNA code were activated in which cells at which times.”
See ‘Breakthrough study overturns theory of junk DNA in genome‘ 

Those who ‘believe’ in God should realise that all the reasons for that belief have been systematically stripped away – and are so at an increasing rate – leaving the entire idea of God hollow- Yet hollow vessels still make the most sound, it seems. Not just sound but delightful carnage in the wars between mainstream religions, as driven by their fanatical sects, relying on their rigid scriptures, the bogus ‘fossilized words god”.

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