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Writings on diverse themes from philosophy, psychology to literature and criticism

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    In this blog I post information and critical views concerning ideologies, belief systems and related scientific materials etc. I am a retired philosophy lecturer and researcher, born 1936.

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About Robert C. Priddy

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I am a rational atheist insofar as I do not proclaim that I know the absolute truth about everything, trying to avoid all beliefs other than those which are virtually impossible to disbelieve on the basis of secure world knowledge.  I have earlier plunged into the one philosophy, science and religion after another (in about that order) eventually – through unusual circumstances –  having been drawn into a deep immersion for 2 decades in a mystical form of religion – advaita. So I speak from much personal experience as a ‘wiser, more liberated dissident’.  All the multifarous compelling evidence that God is an abstraction without substance, having been derived from all the inexplicable phenomena of prehistorical mankind. Ideas of the Divine and the Creator are diverse and often somewhat conflicting mental constructions with long histories, having grown from very diverse superstitious beginnings in earliest times and has been gradually more and more abstracted as the various idols, deities, incarnations and saints have grown less and less credible or were disproved as ‘holy’ through the lessons of experience, science and critical history and philosophy.

If the interest is there, you can see my skeptical credo stated here (I am a skeptic rather in the tradition of Phyrro and his ‘spiritual descendants’).

My former (vandalized, then attacked and deleted by wiki trolls) Wikipedia page of 12 years’ standing) can be seen here


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