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Does God exist? Eternal question answered!

Posted by robertpriddy on August 15, 2012

The supposedly ‘eternal’ question: ‘Is there anything resembling a creator or designer of the universe’ is answered for all those who have the wits and intelligence to look at the evidence for and against.

In recent decades, however, the power of research into evolutionary science – with huge advances in paleontology, genetics, physical anthropology and all related biological and geological sciences – everything points to evolution from the simplest life-forms as the only possible explanation as to how all life arose and developed. There is therefore no need whatever for any god or creator to explain life. Geneticists are not only already creating new life forms, but they are recreating physical organs and limbs that were lost in the process of evolution… such as raptor tails in chickens, scales in place of feathers. This work seems very likely to produce a genuine dinosaur-like creature within one to several decades! If it can be done with a dinosaur, then creation of human life would also be on the cards. At all events, the likelihood that no divine invisible creator is required to explain and even eventually create all forms of life increases almost day by day.

Only a century or more ago, half of humanity – weighed down by the superstitions and imaginations of the past – believed that God created the universe a few thousand years ago, and many still believe that it was all created in 6 days.. with one day’s rest! [Why just one day’s rest, wasn’t the entire job done so God could for ever… just another typical snarl-up in what evolved humanity can today appreciate as the whole absurd religious fairytale]. But science can now  measure with great accuracy how old anything is.

I lost faith in the Christian God when I was at grammar school. Later, due to philosophy and my study of many cultures and religions, I returned to the enigma and eventually spent decades probing in all kinds of ways to try to evaluate the claim. Only after a great deal of commitment to spiritual practice and self-investigation – I came more and more to the conclusion that everything that points to there being a god (or whatever) can be explained as a result of perplexity, confusion, error, mind-programming, social pressures, fear, longing, hope, desperation and any number of throw-offs of these human traits. Further, I am intensely aware of the disdain and false pity that believers in God feel for those like myself, who have reached a liberated standpoint… I only reached it after having thrown myself heart and soul into the search for God – discovered many extraordinary things which instructed me as to the futility of seeking a non-entity created by human fear, ignorance and awe. Also, I found out to my full conviction that absolutely no one of the many deeply involved I knew were at all illumined – as one would expect after their decades of intense spiritual practice – and were all barking up wrong trees or were stuck in dead-end beliefs and rituals.  

You may read some interesting thoughts as to whether the brain creates god, based on neurology. It is evident that we are incapable of anything before our brains grow and develop. Action and learning language and all the rest that comes after is what makes the brain capable of what it is. Today a child can learn more and faster about everything than ever before, because the sum of accumulating knowledge humanity has won through great struggles to understand is all there waiting. Nor do young people have to stick within the scope of their parents and teachers’ out-dated and largely unquestioned horizons any more… the internet frees them to investigate everything, from the craziest to the wisest, and to compare and evaluate everything themselves. IF humanity survives, surely this will lead to an incomparably better world, for ignorance and narrowness are at the root of all the world’s problems. The contrary religions and conflicts galore between them, and between their own sects, have caused and still cause a large amount of all the problems, as ever.


One Response to “Does God exist? Eternal question answered!”

  1. Robert your points are very good and I respect them. For years I have searched for God outside religious dogmas, and it has been a long journey where I have questioned everything. I think atheists in general highlight great points, and most (not all) are respectful, and intelligent people, who make sense of the world in a rational way. I too, try to be very rational; I don’t believe that God created the world in 6 days, or that we will go to hell because we don’t believe in a particular religion. But I don’t agree that science disproves the existence of God. If the theory of evolution is indeed real, it doesn’t mean there can’t be a God… why wouldn’t it make sense for a God to create life on Earth through a continuous process such as evolution? The fact that books such as the Bible, the Koran (if Islam can even be called a religion), the Vedas, or other religious texts have several errors only points to the fact that religion is a pure creation of man; but it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist (it doesn’t have to be like the God we were told about as kids).

    Although I do agree that most “spiritual” experiences are probably caused by perplexity, confusion, error, etc., how do you prove those few that are real? In my family, my mom and my aunt had an apparition while being together, it wasn’t my own personal experience, but I have chosen to believe them because I know the kind of people they are. They are not liars, they’re not delusional, they are great people, and their whole lives they have claimed this truly happened (and the two of them were together, so I can’t just conclude that it probably was just a dream, confusion, or a hallucination). I believe my aunt and my mom, and even though I haven’t personally experienced anything like that, it has shaped me into believing that there is more to this life. Of course, I don’t know anything for sure, but I also think that those who based their believes on scientific evidence don’t know for sure either. We all decide to base our believes on different things for different reasons, but I think the real problem is blindly following dogmas (which tend to make people intolerant, and stubborn beyond reason).

    Maybe you are completely right and their is nothing else, but based on my experience (my personal experience) the most logical explanation for me is that there is more, that there is a God.

    Robert replies: Firstly, the most logical explanation does not mean the best informed explanation. Logic can be misused, as can reason, to support all manner of otherwise insupportable and false ideas. Please note that I do not hold that science DISPROVES the existence of god, but that it explains countless events that were for the most part of human history all attributed to the actions of God as otherwise inexplicable. Further, the ‘theory’ of evolution simply expresses a vast mass of proven facts and validated hypotheses, for the reality of evolutionary development is seen everywhere in increasing clarity, the quite small remaining ‘gaps’ being filled virtually daily by scientific research. That god could have created life through creating the process of evolution is a truly last ditch attempt to salvage the idea of god as a creator. It may be reassuring, but so was the tooth fairy once. If one holds that assumption (it cannot qualify as a theory, of course), then one must ask from where God came, ‘where’, ‘when’ or ‘how’ he she or it is… questions that can never be investigated because there is nothing to go on (but speculative alienated reasoning, of which countless forms have arisen and have been definitively proven false – that is a totally elementary fact for anyone claiming to have a smattering of ‘modern philosophy’).

    Now to ‘apparitions’ and ‘spiritual experiences’. I have been subject of many such myself, as you may read on-line. Though a lifelong process (I am 75 now) I went deeply into the heart of the matter through many visits to India, where such phenomena are frequent occurrences. However, having got to know and follow the most famous guru to whom thousands of such visions, apparitions and spiritual experiences are attributed – claimed by millions to be what he claims, God incarnate as avatar of the age- , I eventually discovered after 18 years of service to his organization – and despite my self and what I truly wished were true – that he was not only a major sexual abuser of boys and young men, a charlatan and consummate liar, an accomplice to murders, and much more, but he was supported to the very top of all recent Indian governments, who covered up for him in their devotion to him.

    I had through my constant searching come to have faith that all these phenomena had a spiritual or divine origin. Now I have entirely different explanations of para-normal experiences (they vary very widely and the causes vary equally so) How and why I changed is impossible to convey properly, no simple brief, process – though it includes and dialectically reconciles all that I have known and experienced. Only aspects or fragments can be expressed, at best. (A problem for all serious authors and thinkers if they have original experience beyond words). Basically the cause of the most convincing experiences is the functioning of the brain, which can produce almost anything in perception, with and without morphine, LSD-25 or dozens of other psycho-active substances. Not least, the brain can produce dream content during the waking state! Visions can appear to be real, though they are always intangible. One version of this is known as narkolepsy, though its actual physical causes are relatively obscure (so far). There have always been people who had such visions, from devils, doomdsday scenarios, succubi and evil hags to alien encounters, alien abductions and every kind of supposed spiritual or discarnate entity. You can find many of the answers in my very extensive web pages about my experiences of Sathya Sai Baba.

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