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Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens

Posted by robertpriddy on July 1, 2010

I have made a shortened transcript of some points (so Google will notice better) made in a YouTube video by these two very lively critics of religion.

In a debate on blasphemy Stephen Fry says:-
“If there is a god it seems to me so obvious and so absolutely clear that – if he does exist – he is capricious, mean and wilful.
To say that he’s loving, that he’s benevolent, that he cares for us, that we should spend our time on our knees in front of him – it’s outrageous.”
Christopher Hitchens says:-
“We are created sick and commanded to be well. That couldn’t happen. That means there is no evidence for the existence of god. … If (by) wishing this were true, it’d be wanting to be a slave and a plaything.”

This YouTube video is worth watching


2 Responses to “Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens”

  1. Christianity is based on the idea of a God who creates flawed beings and then bases his whole revelation on how those beings need to be “forgiven” for being that way.

    It would seem that it is us who need to forgive God, not the other way around.

  2. I agree with your general view, but – in view of the fact that no God can be known to exist – one cannot forgive anything there. Rather we should hold those who propagate the Bible or any religion accountable for their work.
    Further, forgiveness should always require that whoever is forgiven cease to commit the wrongdoing and repents for it, preferably through righting the wrong done by the same measure. Compensation for loss suffered where appropriate too! Religious institutions thereby owe people a vast amount of apology and compensation which overwhelmingly remains unpaid!

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