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God is in everyone?

Posted by robertpriddy on June 23, 2010

The title of this blog is but one version of the ‘mystical’ teaching of various sects of Christianity, Sufism, esoteric Judaism, New Age pseudo-religions and, above all, numerous branches of Hinduism, as propagated by swamis and gurus. It is sometimes extended to the proposition ‘Everyone is God, God is everyone’ and even outright pantheism ‘Everything is God and God is (in) everything)

Though I have already blogged about this, I consider this doctrine one of them most dangerous which can spread widely in the future. Due to the increasingly obvious fact of the relative futility of mainstream and sectarian religious doctrines, these pan-theisms are employed in self-help and meditation sects in the vain pretense that they lead to ‘self-realization’ and solving the world’s problems. However, if anything they multiply the problems by overpopulating the land of clouds and cuckoos into which millions are misled, thinking the have found the real teaching of Jesus, the ultimate truth about God and mankind.

In order to look into these claims, I have written a somewhat lengthy analysis which shows the degree of conceptual and general confusion that reigns throughout these sectarian ideas.

God is everything, in everyone – as a spiritual teaching
Advaita – historical flight into abstraction and speculation

See also The Ultimate Fallacy, which I wrote here some time ago.


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