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Sex and religion – book summary

Posted by robertpriddy on January 5, 2010

‘Sex and religion – from virgin ball-goers to holy homosexuality‘ by Dag Øistein Endsjø Oslo University Press, 2009  ISBN:   9788215013503

Religion forbids sex and obliges, condemns, and blesses, penalizes and rewards it. Your sex partners’ gender, marriage status, skin color, religion or caste, are all factors that could lead either to salvation or perdition. Welcome to the universe of religious sex.

While Christians teenagers go to balls where they promise God that they should abstain from sex until they are married, Buddhist monks regard homosexuality as a holy mystery.

There is no simple key to the relationship between sex and religion. While the sexual religion debate in Norway focused on the room given to homosexuals’ in the church, others ask about whether the death penalty should be applied to heterosexual persons, whether promiscuity leads to hurricanes and atomic wars, whether God condemns marriage between black and white, why some religious sex rules are emphasised while other are consigned to forgetfulness.

In Sex and Religion author look closely at the various religions’ attitudes from heterosexuality and homosexuality, to sexual racism and demonic sex,  from to sex  as a filial duty and abstinence, to oral and anal sex, divorce and yet more toxic themes. The book also goes into what religions believe are the consequences of different types of sex, how sex is used ritually and the notions of sex with animals.


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